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We create rituals for special occasions and individuals. 



Bali March 2018


For individuals

Do you want to find balance between modern life and spirituality. Are you longing for creativity, for soul, but you find it hard to implement this in modern life? 
I would love to meet you, get to know you and create a customized ritual that helps you get back in touch with that deeper layer already hidden in you. 

I believe talking is overrated, often we make a true connection by action/doing and manifest the life that we want by start living it.


I left Amsterdam 3 years ago After my study ritual science, I started Today’s Rituals started working as a project manager. Even being surrounded by a group of friends I still felt lonely not being able to connect with that part in me that I felt was way more important than all that I was doing. Something was missing.
After a summer of working 7 days a week I left my job, Today’s Rituals and booked a flight to Australia. There I travelled for over two years with just a bus, and one bag of clothes. There I spend a lot of time in nature, worked on different farms and met a lot of inspiring people who were in my opinion living the dream. A simple family life with, just dealing with the laws of nature. Why did I felt so content? What had I been missing all those years? I soon started to understand that it had to do with connecting. And it is easy to connect with yourself and others while being surrounded by nature and a small community.

In modern western life we kind of lost that community sense, we are not supported by a religion or surrounded by wild nature, which made us lost our power to connect with ourselves.  

But I believe there is a way. My way is through rituals. It works grounding, it is a way of being devoted to care for health, for ourselves, others and the planet.


I would love to meet you. 

Love Ilona